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Creative communication / Koen Dijkman

Interactive mobile route | Het Groene Woud


Het Groen Woud is an interactive GPS walking route for the mobile phone. It is situated in Midden-Brabant, between Tilburg and Esch.

The route discribes¬†the story of the National Landscape het Groene Woud. Het Groene Woud is one of 20 landscape types in the Netherlands which the Dutch government calls ‘typically dutch’. ¬†This route is questioning what that ‘typically dutch’ means for the people who use and live in this landscape but also for the landscape itself. The route tells the story of what already is and what will be. Farmers, artists and a writer all tell their story on what happens when a landscap is called a ‘National Landscape’

The route was developed for the bkkc.