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Interactive mobile route NAR | Aa – Veghel


NAR | Aa Veghel is an interactive GPS cycling route for the mobile phone. It is situated around the place Veghel and the little river de Aa. This route will cross ‘het Duitslijntje’ passes the river De Aa, country house ‘Zwanenburg’, ‘De Kildonkse Molen’ and the highway A50.It connects the past present and future. For this route Demian Geerlings and Yi Zhao both made an animation on invitation of Bureau KD. Text is spoken by Ted van Lieshout and Katinka polderman.

The NAR routes are part of the bigger art project ‘Kunst langs de A50’. In total there are 6 NAR routes. The NAR route lets you wander through the highway landscape of the A50 between Oss and Eindhoven.

Bureau KD designed the route, conducted the background research and provided project management for NAR | Aa – Veghel

This route is made for Stichting kunst langs de A50.

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