Bureau KD

Creative communication / Koen Dijkman

Interactive mobile route NAR | Ekkersrijt


Rob van Kranenburg (The Internet of Things , 2008) and artist Bas van den Hurk provided a critical cultural reflection on the furniture malls and the business area surrounding this route, they were invited by Bureau KD.  It was the their first time they walked this route and their conversation was recorded while they walked the route, before being edited for the app. People can now listen to their comments on the area while they walk the route. Bureau KD designed the route, conducted the background research and provided project management for NAR | Ekkersrijt.

The NAR routes are part of the bigger art project ‘Kunst langs de A50’. In total there are 6 NAR routes. The NAR route lets you wander through the highway landscape of the A50 between Oss and Eindhoven.

The route is made for Stichting kunst langs de A50.