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Creative communication / Koen Dijkman

The Scene Changes to an Empty Room

The project was initiated by Koen Dijkman who invited the curator and artist to De Fabriek to create and produce the exhibition together. A digital publication released following the exhibition The Scene Changes to an Empty Room at De Fabriek, a creative space offering artist residencies in Eindhoven,The Netherlands. The Scene Changes to an Empty Room was an experimental art project in which an artist and curator were asked to collaborate as equals while making and organizing this exhibition. The text was written by the exhibition curator Laurie Cluitmans. The publication contains a description of the exhibition artworks, the research methodology, the outcome of the research project and profiles of the contributing artists.
The publication design has been adapted to match the style and colour of the exhibition.

Format: 1024px. x 768px.
Pages: 35

More on the exhibition see the website of De Fabriek, Eindhoven:

FabPub2.09 FabPub2.010 FabPub2.011 FabPub2.012 FabPub2.013

FabPub2.014 FabPub2.015 FabPub2.020